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Hayao Miyazaki on Science Fiction (Excerpt)

[Comic Box cover image]
Comic Box, November 1982
Reprinted in Manga hikyou taikei vol 4

Translated from Japanese to English by Atsushi Fukumoto in September, 1991

Translated without permission for personal entertainment purpose only. This is not, by any means, an accurate word for word translation.


Key to the dialog
M: Hayao Miyazaki
I: Interviewer



M: [...] I've read many so called science fiction, but I couldn't appreciate them. There are various thing, from "hard (SciFi)" to "sorcery and sword," but I couldn't enjoy... rather, I liked non-fiction more... In my young days, I was a reader of SF Magazine [...]

I: What's your favorite SF of those days?

M: Do you know Ningen ijou?[1] [...] And that one I can't remember the title... Yoru kitaru, do you know it?[2] [...] It's short novel, though, it was awful, I think it's one of the greatest works.

I: How about recent one?

M: Chikyuuno nagai gogo was interesting.[3] I enjoyed that world of plant life. Translation quality was fine, too. But, plants were interesting, though on the other hand the human characters were not so good. I like Gedo senki, though I don't know whether it's an SF or not, I like it very much.[4] I can't remember how many times I've read it. I like Yubiwa monogatari also.[5] Hornblower series [...] is great as a reading.


Notes from the translator
1. Sorry, I don't know the original title
2. Nightfall by Asimov
3. Hothouse by Brian Aldiss
4. A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin
5. Tale of Ring

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