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The first Gedo Senki interview with producer Toshio Suzuki

Translated by T. Ishikawa and Paul Barnier without permission for personal entertainment purpose only.

Text from the Yomiuri Online.

Suzuki: Otsuka Yasuo who was a mentor of Miyazaki Hayao saw the Gedo Senki storyboard, and said "it's wonderful as a movie". And he asked me "Who did it?".
I answered "Goro".
He very surprised, and asked "why he hasn't directed until now? The child of a frog is a frog!"[1]
Anno Hideaki saw this storyboard too. He admired it and asked "why he didn't direct earlier?
This is perfectly Miyazaki anime!".

Suzuki: He (Miyazaki Hayao) hadn't seen this storyboard.
He got angry about Goro, the project director, and said "Suzuki-san is crazy. He (Goro) can't direct. He can't draw a picture. He understands nothing!".
Then, I showed Miyazaki the poster which Goro drew of Arren and a dragon facing each other.
Miyazaki became silent.
It (the poster) is drawn from a side-on camera angle which Miyazaki does not draw. It goes to show the power in a single picture. Then, I said clearly "I'm going on with this". He was struck dumb for a long time.

Q: What do you plan to do about the director's credit?[2]
S: I'm troubled. I thought of a strange plan: "Father - Miyazaki Hayao". (laughs)

The rest of the interview, especially the episode when Miyazaki(Hayao) and Suzuki visit Le Guin's house is very interesting. On page 1, Suzuki answers about why he chose Gedo Senki and why he chose Goro.

Anyway, the writer ends the article in this way:
"In Porco Rosso, when the president of airplane manufacture company (who looks like Suzuki) is asked for repairs by Porco (who looks like Miyazaki), he introduces a young female designer Fio to him. When Porco refuses her, she asks him "Is the important thing experience? or inspiration?". Porco answers "It's inspiration"".

[1]: Japanese proverb or saying meaning 'Like father, like son'.

[2]: That is, with Miyazaki senior providing significant support and assistance, how should he be listed in the credits? Suzuki makes a joke in reply.

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