Masahiro Ioka Illustration Portfolio

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Masahiro Ioka Illustration Portfolio
Ioka Illustrations Japan book cover.jpg
Front Cover
AuthorStudio Ghibli Editorial Staff
Original title (if not in English)井岡雅宏画集
(Ioka Masahiro Gashuu)
IllustratorMasahiro Ioka
SeriesGhibli The Art
PublisherTokuma Shoten
Released30 April 2001
Media typeTankoubon
Size and weightA4 Softcover
ISBN-10: 4-19-861318-4
-13: 978-4198613181

Original Price: ¥2300 (plus tax)

Notes: A book about Masahiro Ioka, the art director of Heidi, Girl of the Alps and Anne of Green Gables, who also worked on Prince of the Sun: The Great Adventure of Hols. Contains roughly one-fourth full page background paintings, one fourth small backgrounds (some with cels of characters), one fourth pencil drawings of scenery and rooms, and one fourth text (an article by Takahata, and interviews with Miyazaki and Ghibli staff members Isamu Tsuchida, Saburo Abetai, Takaji Matsudo, and color designer Michiyo Yasuda. Also includes a filmography.