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Mimi wo Sumaseba
(Whisper of the Heart)



The files are all JPEG pictures. They are:

Nice picture of Baron when Shizuku first sees him. Looking at this you can tell the background is *not* a photo.
Map of Shizuku's town from the back of the theater program booklet. This was the center of a two-page spread; I didn't want to upload the whole thing because it would have been two full-page scans.
Here's a key to the numbers:
  1. Shizuku's apartment building.
  2. The bench where she meets Yuuko.
  3. The "Family Mart" convenience store in front of the station.
  4. The Mukebara (?) station close to Shizuku's home.
  5. The railway crossing next to the station.
  6. Yuuko's house.
  7. The ramen shop Shizuku passes on the way to and from school.
  8. The shrine where Shizuku and Sugimura talk.
  9. On the way to school.
  10. Shizuku's school.
  11. The "Keio" line between the two stations.
  12. The Sugi-no-miya station, for the library.
  13. The library where Shizuku's father works.
  14. The hillside where Shizuku looks down at Sugi-no-miya after temporarily losing Moon while following him.
  15. Chikyuuya (Earth Shop).
  16. The hilly street where Seiji gives Shizuku a ride up (or tries to) on his bike.
  17. Where Shizuku and Seiji watch the sunrise from.
The inside overleaf of the original "Mimi o sumaseba" manga by Aoi Hiraagi. This shows the character design for Shizuku and a nice picture. The writing says: "Mimi o sumaseba. kaze no oto. ame no oto. hoshi no sasayaki. shoshite kotoba." (roughly: If you listen closely. The sound of the wind. The sound of the rain. The sparkling of the stars. Thus, words.) A theme throughout the manga is that our feelings and experiences are important, so we write them down to preserve them. This is why Shizuku wants to write.
The first page of the manga, with a facing page showing the character design for Seiji. The words say "The day I first noticed that name was a certain one in August." Shizuku giggles (kusu kusu), closes the storybook (pon!), and says "Aa, omoshirokatta" (Ah, that was interesting/fun).
Hope everyone enjoys these!

Deborah Goldsmith

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