A Sumo Wrestler's Tail

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ChuuZumou pamphlet cover.JPG

A Sumo Wrestler's Tail (ちゅうずもう Chuu Zumou?), based on the Japanese folktale Nezumi no Sumo (ねずみのすもう), is one of a series of shorts produced to screen exclusively at the Studio Ghibli Museum. It premiered at the museum's Saturn Theater on 3 January 2010.

Synopsis (translated from the museum's site): Once upon a time, there was an old man and his wife who lived on a mountain. One night, the old man found a bunch of mice heading off to somewhere. He followed them and saw the mice holding a sumo tournament. The man and his wife happened to know that the mice living in their house always lose in these matches, and so the old couple give the mice some food to support the team.

Click on the thumbnails below for some sample pages from the film's program pamphlet:

Storyboards, direction: Akihiko Yamashita
Planning, screenplay: Hayao Miyazaki
Music: Manto Watanobe, Soundtrack CD
Art Direction: Naoya Tanaka
Length: 13 minutes