Akita, the Scenery of Play

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Akita, the Scenery of Play
Akita SceneryOfPlay Japan Cover.jpg
Front Cover
Author Kazuo Oga
Original title (if not in English) 秋田、遊びの風景
(Akita, Asobi no Fuukei)
Illustrator Kazuo Oga
Cover artist Kazuo Oga
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Tokuma Publications
Released 25 July 2009
Pages 87
Size and weight 25.4x18.4x1.8cm, hardcover
ISBN -10: 4-19-862772-X
-13: 978-4198627720

Original Price: ¥1785

Note: A collection of paintings and drawings by Kazuo Oga recalling his childhood days growing up in the 1960's in Akita prefecture (northern Japan).

Cover with Obi
Cover with Obi