All Things Totoro 1988-1995

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All Things Totoro
Totoro Ippai Japan book cover.jpg
Cover art
Author Studio Ghibli Editorial Desk
Original title (if not in English) トトロがいっぱい
(Totoro ga Ippai)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Released March 1995
Media type Tankoubon
Pages 207
Size and weight B5
ISBN -10: 4-19-860269-7
-13: 978-4198602697

Price: ¥ 3300 (tax included)

Notes: A catalog of Totoro goods produced between 1988 and 1995, with color photos of hundreds of items: stuffed dolls, tableware, Totoro suits, jigsaw puzzles, calendars, posters, telephone cards, CDs, videos, books, and more. Shows the availability of the items and gives contact information for companies that sell the goods. 207 pages.