Animage Comics Special: Only Yesterday 4

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Animage Film Comics Special
Only Yesterday Film Comic 4
OPP Comic 4 Japan.jpg
Front Cover
Author Hotaru Okamoto
Yuuko Tone
Animage Editorial Staff
Original title (if not in English) アニメージュコミックススペシャル フィルムコミック
(Animeeju Komikkusu Supesharu Firumu Komikku
Omoide Poroporo 4)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Animage Film Comic
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Released 30 December 1991
Pages 143
Size and weight B6
ISBN -10: 4-19-771122-0
-13: 9784197711222

Original Price: ¥571 plus tax

Note: Film comics are made entirely of cel setups from the film. They contain the complete dialog for the film, except for an occasional background line. Also have overlays of the usual manga sound effect words.