Animage Comics Special: Princess Mononoke 4

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Animage Comics Special Film Comic
Princess Mononoke Vol.4
Mh Film Comic v4 Japan book cover.jpg
Front Cover
AuthorAnimage Editorial Staff
Original title (if not in English)アニメージュコミックススペシャル Film Comic もののけ姫 4
(Animeeju Komikkusu Supesharu Film Comic Mononoke Hime 4)
IllustratorOriginal Story, Screenplay, Director:
Hayao Miyazaki
SeriesAnimage Comics Special
PublisherTokuma Shoten
ReleasedNovember 1997
Size and weightB6 Softcover
ISBN-10: 4-19-770055-5
-13: 978-4197700554

Price: ¥ 580 (tax included)

Notes: Film Comics. These are basically color manga made entirely of cel setups (i.e., there's no additional art beyond that in the film), with the complete dialog for the film (sometimes minus an occasional background line) in the word balloons for the manga (as well as overlays of the usual manga sound effect words). Four volumes. See also the 5-volume Perfect Edition set released in 2000.