Animage Comics Special Film Comic: Howl's Moving Castle 4 (Japan book)

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Animage Comics Special Film Comic
Howl's Moving Castle 4
Howl Film Comic v4 Japan book cover.jpg
Front Cover
Author Original Story: Diana Wynne Jones
Original title (if not in English) アニメージュコミックススペシャル
ハウルの動く城 4
(Animeeju Komikkusu Supesharu Hauru no Ugoku Shiro 4)
Illustrator Screenplay, Direction:
Hayao Miyazaki
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Animage Comics Special
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Released March 2005
Pages 167
Size and weight B6 softcover
ISBN -10: 4-19-770131-4
-13: 978-4197701315

Price: ¥590 (tax included)

Note: Film comics made entirely of cel setups from the film. Contains the complete dialog for the film, except for an occasional background line, in the word balloons. Also has overlays of the usual manga sound effect words.