From Up on Poppy Hill Visual Guide~Yokohama Love Story~

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From Up on Poppy Hill Visual Guide
~Yokohama Love Story~
Kokuriko VisualGuide Cover Japan.jpg
Front Cover
Author Newtype Magazine Editorial Staff
Original title (if not in English) コクリコ坂からビジュアルガイド
(Kokurikozaka kara Bijuaru Gaido
~Yokohama Koimonogatari~)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Kakokawa Shoten
Released 16 July 2011
Pages 103
Size and weight Tankoubon
ISBN -10: 4-04-854653-8
-13: 978-4048546539

Price: ¥1260 (tax included)

Note: Guide book for the film, including the story and a location guide to the the real places in Yokohama (in both years 1963 and 2011) that were used as settings for the film.