Godzilla, Yamato, and Our Democracy

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Godzilla, Yamato, and Our Democracy
Godzilla Yamato and Our Democracy Japan cover.jpg
Dust Jacket Cover
Author Kenji Satou
Original title (if not in English) ゴジラとヤマトとぼくらの民主主義
(Gojira to Yamato to Bokura no Minshushuugi)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Bungei Shunjuusha
Released July 1992
Pages 309
Size and weight B6
ISBN -10: 4-16-346660-6
-13: 978-4163466606

Original Price: ¥1800 (tax included)

Notes: A critical review of Japanese post-war democracy through the Japanese popular culture, including Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Only Yesterday.