Hiroshi Ono Background Art Collection

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Hiroshi Ono Background Art Collection
Ono Art Collection Japan cover.jpg
Front Cover
Original title (if not in English) 大野広司背景画集
(Ōno Hiroshi Haikei Gashuu)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Kosaido Publishing
Released 26 October 2013
Media type Tankobon
Pages 135
Size and weight A4
ISBN -10: 4-33-151764-0
-13: 978-4331517642

Original Price: ¥3024

Note: Book of background artwork by Hiroshi Ōno, a veteran background artist that worked with Kazuo Oga on Kiki's Delivery Service. Ōno also has worked as a background artist or art director on films like Akira, Jinroh, A Letter to Momo, and Wolf Children.