Like the Clouds, Like the Wind

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TV Film: 21 March 1990 / 80 minutes
Character Designer, Animation Director: Katsuya Kondō
Based on the novel by Ken'ichi Sakemi

Ginga, from Like the Clouds, Like the Wind
Ginga, from Like the Clouds, Like the Wind
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Like the Clouds, Like the Wind (雲のように風のように Kumo no yō ni Kaze no yō ni?) ("Kumokaze" for short) is very often mistaken for a Hayao Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli film due to the similarities between the styles of Katsuya Kondō, the character designer and animation director for Kumokaze, and the style of Miyazaki's works. Some people have commented that the main character, Ginga, looks like an Asian Kiki. Kumokaze, however, was produced by Studio Pierrot, the animation studio famous for such series as Kimagure Orange Road (きまぐれオレンジ★ロード Kimagure Orenji ★ Rōdo?).

The story is set in ancient China, and follows the adventures of Ginga as she goes from being a simple country girl to being a concubine of the Emperor. The movie is based on the novel Kōkyū Shōsetsu by Ken'ichi Sakemi.

Kumo no yō ni Kaze no yō ni © 1990 Studio Pierrot, Ken'ichi Sakemi & Katsuya Kondō