Mouse Tempura

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Mouse Tempura
Mouse Tempura Japan Cover.jpg
Front Cover
Author Soseki Yamamoto
Original title (if not in English) ねずてん
Illustrator Kazuo Oga
Cover artist Kazuo Oga
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Eins Co, Ltd.
Released August 2003
Pages 65
Size and weight A4 hardcover
ISBN -10: 4-94-653150-5
-13: 978-4946531507

Original Price: ¥2940 (tax included)

Note: Story by Soseki Yamamoto, illustrated by Kazuo Oga. From the narration for A Ghibli Artisan - Kazuo Oga Exhibition, "In the story, a group of men try to swindle foxes and raccoons by offering them mouse tempura in exchange for a huge fish. It's a story replete with natural beauty and humorous characters."