My Neighbor Totoro Film Comic 1 (English)

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My Neighbor Totoro Film Comic Vol.1
Totoro Film Comic cover v1 USA.jpg
Front Cover
AuthorHayao Miyazaki
IllustratorDirector: Hayao Miyazaki
SeriesStudio Ghibli Library
PublisherVIZ Media
Released9 November 2004
Size and weightTrade Paperback, 12 oz.
ISBN-10: 1-59-116647-0
-13: 978-1591166474

Price: $9.99 USD

Notes: This is basically an English-language color manga made entirely of cel setups (i.e., there's no additional art beyond that in the film), with the complete dialog for the film (sometimes minus an occasional background line) in the word balloons for the manga (as well as overlays of the usual manga sound effect words). It is a translation of the Japanese version.