My Neighbors the Yamadas

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Title yamada.png
Feature Film: 17 July 1999 / 104 minutes
Screenplay, Direction: Isao Takahata

Image from My Neighbors the Yamadas
Image from My Neighbors the Yamadas
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Based on Hisaichi Ishii's newspaper comic strip of the same name, My Neighbors the Yamadas (となりの山田くん Tonari no Yamada-kun?) is about the daily lives of the Yamada family: Takashi and Matsuko (the father and mother), Shige (Matsuko's mother), Noboru (the son), Nonoko (the daughter), and Pochi (the family dog). The comic is currently serialized in the Asahi Shinbun (see a sample of the comic) , though it has been renamed Nono-chan.

Takahata wanted Yamada-kun to have the art style of watercolor pictures (see above) rather than cel pictures. To achieve that, the traditional paint-on-cel techniques were replaced with digital technology, making Yamada-kun the first Ghibli movie to be painted and animated entirely on computers.