Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (France VHS)

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The Princess of the Stars
Nausicaa vhs bluekids france.jpg
VHS case cover
Original title La Princesse des Etoiles
Media type VHS
Country France
Language(s) French
Publisher Blue Kid's Video
Video format SECAM
Runtime 105 minutes (misprint?)

The French release of this horrendously-mangled version of Nausicaä. About 21 minutes were cut from the original. Miyazaki has said he would rather people forget about this version.

Translation of the cover:

Tagline: Aboard her ship, she leaves to protect the future.

Everything has changed on Earth. Only two populations remain: the first led by King Zeal and his daughter, Princess Zandra. They live peacefully in the Valley of the Wind. The second group, the Tucumians, are headed by the zealous Queen Selena, who wants rule over the entire Earth. Too old himself, the King Zeal asks his daughter Zandra to leave aboard his imperial ship, accompanied by the best knights of the galaxy, to re-establish peace on Earth.

She has promised to protect the future....Can she do it?

Superb animation accompanied by beautiful music, directed by a successful and acclaimed team.