Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Germany VHS)

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Star Warriors
Nausicaa vhs germany.jpg
VHS case cover
Original title Sternenkrieger
Media type VHS
Country Germany
Language(s) German
Publisher UFA
Video format PAL
Runtime 89 minutes
Catalog # 3591

The German release of this horrendously-mangled version of Nausicaä. About 21 minutes were cut from the original. Miyazaki has said he would rather people forget about this version.

Translation of the cover:

"Ein Science Fiction Comic auch fuer Erwachsene."
"A science fiction comic -- for adults, too."

"Es war einmal in tausend Jahren..."
"Once upon a time, a thousand years from now..."

"Alle Hoffnungen der Menschheit liegen in der Hand einer Prinzessin..."
"All hope of mankind lies in the hand of a princess..."

"...denn sie ist die Beschuetzerin der Erde!"
"...for she is the protector of Earth!"