Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (story)

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         1,000 years after the collapse of a giant industrial civilization,
         rust and ceramic fragments covered the land.  Over this wasteland,
         a deadly forest of fungi that released poisonous vapors (miasmas),
         which came to be called the "Fukai" (Spoiled Sea), spread and was
         threatening the very existence of the declining human race.

(Prolog taken from here: [1]) (Note: The Fukai has been called different names. Just remember if this text says "The Sea of Decay", "Spoiled Sea" or "Toxic Sea" just remember that it means the same thing.)

Yupa walks into an abandoned village taken over by the Fukai. He examines a fungi-infested house, then leaves the area.

Nausicaa lands her glider outside of the Toxic Sea. She explores it a bit, then finds some fresh Ohmu tracks, followed by a complete Ohmu shell. After a climb and a few dagger strikes, she sees an eye and dislodges it, while snow-like spores fall. She hears something and climbs up to a high point to look what's going on. She suspects that it was an insect. She gets down and flies out. She finds Yupa running from the Sea of Decay, and clearly, a gigantic Ohmu emerges from the forest, eyes angered. Nausicaa persuades the Ohmu to be a "good boy" and to return to the Toxic Sea, but the Ohmu refuses. Nausicaa then uses some flare bombs and an insect charm to make the Ohmu return.

At the top of a hill, Nausicaa greets and talks to Yupa for a bit, then both return to the Valley of the Wind, where the villagers greet Lord Yupa and learn about the Ohmu shell. At the castle, Yupa talks to Jhil about his trip, and the wind from the sea protecting the valley from the Spoiled Sea's toxins and spores. The grandmother talks about the legend of the lord "Wearing a robe of blue, tgat shall descend onto a golden field, to forge once again the lost bond with the land." In Nausicaa's room, Nausicaa wonders if she could help Yupa.

That night, Mito wakes Nausicaa up and sends her outside, where Yupa and Goll are waiting. For a brief moment, Nausicaa sees a plane. Then she sees the plane again, and as the others discover it is a Torumekian ship, it turns straight for them. It isn't flying properly. Nausicaa insists her to go on her glider and direct it to the coast.

-To be completed-