The Art of Nausicaä (Japan Macintosh CD-ROM)

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The Art of Nausicaä
For Macintosh
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Nausicaa CDROM Macintosh Japan cover.jpg
CD-ROM cover
Original title (if not in English) The Art of Nausicaä
For Macintosh
(Kaze no Tani no Naushika)
Illustrator Hayao Miyazaki
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Ghibli The Art CD-ROM Series
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Media type CD-ROM
ISBN Catalog: TKRU-56014

Original Price: ¥5800 (including tax)
Current Price: ¥6090 (tax included)

Note: The CD-ROM contains every picture in the corresponding "The Art of..." book, but no extras (except cute icons such as Catbuses on the "Totoro" disc, Ohmu on the "Nausicaa" disc, etc.). The movie soundrack and image songs are played while you run the program.

There are three different modes ("Scenes", "Topics", "Auto") to allow the user to choose the method of viewing pictures. You don't need a Japanese-capable computer since all the text is in graphic mode. It's fairly easy to use, too. (^_^)