The Wizard Howl and the Fire Demon: Castle in the Air 1

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The Wizard Howl and the Fire Demon
Castle in the Air 1
Howl Fire Demon Japan book cover.jpg
Cover art
Author Diana Wynne Jones
Original title (if not in English) 魔法使いハウルと火の悪魔 空中の城1
(Mahoutsukai Hauru to Hi Akuma - Kuuchuu no Shiro 1)
Translator Junko Nishimura
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Released 1 May 1997
Media type Tankoubon
Pages 310
Size and weight B6 Hardcover
ISBN -10: 4-19-860709-5
-13: 978-4198607098

Price: ¥ 1680 (tax included)

Notes: Official English title is Howl's Moving Castle. Available in hardcover or paperback, 310 pages.