Whisper of the Heart (story)

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Baron Humbert von Gikkingen Voice: TSUYUGUCHI Shigeru

Baron head small 500px.jpg

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen or simply known as the "Baron" is a wooden figurine owned by the old man Shiro Nishi. Shizuku is so amazed about it, that she asks Nishi for a permit to write a story about the cat statue. In Shizukus fantasy, she imagines how the Baron is looking for his lost love. After Nishi read Shizuku's writing, he revealed the true story behind the Baron statue. According to him, the Baron miniature had a companion figure called Louise and that those two statuettes resemble Nishi himself and his first love Louise during their student times in Germany. They could not buy both at a time as the female "Louise" figurine has been at repairs. Nishi has taken the Baron back home and Louise would pick up the other one a bit later. As the second world war set in, both Nishi and Louise as well the two statues got seperated permanently.
The Baron reappears in the movie "The Cat Returns", however with a different appereance.